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I suffer from anal fissures and I discovered wheatgrass on line after Anal dilation an 2 boutilium injection on seperate occasions. Anyway I have to say wheatgrass superbalm works great on healing fissures. So thankfully no more injections for me!!!!!! Thank you.

M. M. Australia. 18 February, 2012

Used cream for was my only salvation.

M. V. Australia. 17 January, 2012

This is the first time I am ever writing feedback on a product I've bought. I saw the effects of super balm with my first use and after a week I am practically cured. I recommend this to anyone who is suffering from anal fissure. Thank you.

N. C. USA. 12 December, 2011

Dear Dr Chris, i just wanted to post a feedback that is positive to the medicine i used. Iam from the African continent, East Africa a country called Uganda. I read about Dr wheat grass on the net and doubted it with so many testimonies. I had suffered with an anal fissure for a year and so desparate to heal. I even had a sphicterenomy and after a month i was not any better. But when i read about Dr wheat grass i called up afriend in the UK since it was not a vailable here he bought supperbalm for me and posted it by courier i recieved it after a week. The miracle was that i can't even believe today that am actually better now. I started using the supperbalm on 9th Nov 2011 and as i post this today 1st Dec 2011 I stopped using the laxatives and the fear to pass stool has gone. What can i do to get Dr wheatgrass products here thanks alot for the Innovation Dr iam proud of your products . No one can believe am fine and happy now.

L. N. Uganda. 1 December, 2011

I am a Health Coach directing people toward nutritional wellness, healthy lifestyles, and holistic healing. I found your product through a search to help someone with anal fissures. It was a tremendous success, especially considering the typical treatment is surgery.

C. M. Australia. 1 December, 2011

I am using your Superbalm for an anal fissure which is proving to be as it says in your web site "the answer to anal fissures". Thank you for the healing of my fissure.

K. T. Australia. 16 November, 2011

I was suffering horribly from haemmoroids and fissures and spasms. I was in more pain than I have ever been in my life. I would sit on the toilet and cry after every bowel movement, unable to stand up because of the pain. I suffered severe anxiety every morning when I knew it was time for a bowel movement, and excruciating spasms for hours after. I couldn't focus at work (desk job) because I had to sit all day and was too embarrassed to tell my bosses I had to go home because I was in such pain. I was beginning to become scared that this might even cost me my job in the long run! I went to a chemist who sold me some cream and softeners. The cream gave a little relief from the pain then the softeners blocked me up - not knowing that I had to drink a serious amount of water with them! I still wasn't healing so I tried a different cream which was less effective than the first. I went to my doctor and told him that no matter the cost I needed something that would help. He prescribed a cream that cost approx $50 AUD!! This was even less effective than the cheaper ones. By this time almost two months had passed and I was freaking out! I did some googling and came across your product! I read all the testimonials, which seemed at the time a little contrived, but I was about to go in an overseas trip and was willing to give anything a go! Although the cream didn't numb the pain I persisted and after just a few days I had my first pain free motion in 3 months! Now four weeks later I am still mostly pain free and have not had spasms in a few weeks! I cannot testify that it was your cream alone that helped as I dramatically changed my diet to fruit and salad with little meat and lots and lots of water, also lots of walking, and I was on holiday so no stress and no office chairs! I am convinced though that it played an important part in the healing process and for that I am truly grateful. A million thankyou's!

R. W. Australia. 28 October, 2011

I have used the Super Balm for nearly 2 weeks now and it has worked like magic , In just 2 days of use I was pain free. I am back to my normal life and can eat properly without being scared of a bowel movement. I just want to thank you so so much for your help and the miracles of the cream. I brought the cream on holidays and had such a worry free holiday. And just one question as well. Does the Superbalm work as a laxative as well because I have been having very soft stools and very comfortable bowel movements. Thank you so much.

S. B. Australia. 10 October, 2011